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What is Content Marketing and Why is it Essential for Childcare Providers?

Published Date: 08/04/20

Often childcare providers are looking for ways to stand out among others in their area. Attracting not only new families but the right families often takes time and money – two things providers are often short on. Small business, like childcare centers and family childcares, may have small marketing budgets but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an enormous impact with content marketing.

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What is content marketing for childcare providers?

Content marketing is developing high-quality content, like blog posts, videos, infographics, and social media posts, that are designed to engage your audience. They provide meaningful content for the reader or user and include a “soft sell” of your business.

For example, within childcare, this might look like a blog post or video on the importance of open-ended play for toddlers. While an ad that simply says you have openings for toddlers may go ignored, content on open-ended play is not only likely to be read or watched, but it’s also likely to be shared.


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What are the benefits of content marketing for childcare providers?

Fundamentally, content marketing is a low-cost highly effective way to generate leads for a childcare center or family childcare provider. Think about what you're most likely to respond to. If you were considering daycare or preschool for your own child, would you be more likely to click something that says, "openings available" or an article like, "How we use play-based learning to foster brain development"? Likely the latter.

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How can childcare centers and family childcare providers use content marketing effectively?

Write what you know & what people are interested in

Write, film, illustrate…whatever content you create, it should be a subject matter you’re an expert in.

If you run a Montessori-inspired childcare, write about Montessori at home. If you use an emergent curriculum, showcase about benefits through a blog, video, or graphic.

You’re most certainly doing projects at your childcare center or family childcare…give parents easy projects to do at home (bonus if they’re mess-free).

Open-ended questions, play-based learning, social emotional learning, child development…the list within childcare is truly endless.

Local parenting Facebook groups can be a wealth of information. Join them and listen in on what topics people are asking about. This can anything from specific questions about daycare and preschool, or anything child development-related, like potty training or book recommendations. Create content based on what people are interested in…much like you would create an emergent curriculum for children.

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Use a variety of content types

For childcare providers to get the most bang for your content marketing buck, you want to use a combination of formats. Short-form blogs are designed to be scanned and read quickly (aim for 500-1500 words) while long-form are designed to educate and inform.

Videos can be long or short and the content can guide you. A project-based video make be long if you’re walking a parent and child through the steps but balance them with quick tip videos that someone will watch while scrolling Facebook.

Graphics make a huge impact in your content marketing performance. Infographics and quotes are highly shareable branded content.

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Use a call to action

To use content marketing effectively, childcare providers should include a call to action at the end of each article or video. A call to action tells readers and viewers exactly what you want them to do and how to do it once they’re done engaging with your content.

You may tell someone to check out other articles or videos or to email you to schedule a tour of your center of family childcare. Whatever action you want them to take next – make it clear.


Use keywords effectively

Keywords are words throughout your content that tells Google what the subject is and helps their algorithm rank you.

There are two types of keywords – long-tail and short-tail and they correspond to how people search for topics. Long-tail keywords are three or more word phrases while short-tail are one to two words.

Long-tail keywords are better for ranking you because of how people utilize search. For example, you’ll notice that the headings within this post each use the same long-tail keywords – they include the phrases “childcare providers” and “content marketing” which tells Google that anyone who searches “content marketing for childcare providers” or “how can childcare providers use content marketing” to show them this blog.

Keywords should appear in the title, throughout the content appropriately, in the metatags of the page, and in the content description on the page. If that last bit was foreign to you, reach out and we can help with you with SEO and teach you how to properly tag your content so you’re able to do it for all of your posts.

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Share content appropriately

Childcare providers, like all companies and brands, should use social media to promote content marketing efforts. Start by sharing the content on your company’s social media pages. On Facebook, click the share button and then share to your own timeline and in appropriate groups. Always click the “include original post” button so your company’s page gets shared, not just the content.

In addition, search parenting Facebook groups for words that pertain to your content and share it there. Then it becomes helpful information that you’re providing, rather than a promotion, which is often banned in groups.

If you run a social media ad, content-driven ads like blog posts and videos convert at a much higher rate than static ads.

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The bottom line

The numbers don’t lie…content marketing can be a powerful tool for childcare providers to not only attract new families but attract the right families to your center or family childcare. Knowing what content to create, how to set it up effectively, and the best ways to share it will ensure you reap the benefits of your content marketing strategy.

If you’re a family childcare provider or childcare center director and you need help with content marketing or with other marketing efforts, drop us a note and we can discuss ways to grow your business.

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