FAQs | Paper Pinecone


How does Paper Pinecone work?

It’s easy! Just register for your program and families looking for care will easily be able to find and contact you.

What is your pilot program?

Our pilot program allows you to take advantage of nearly all of our paid features at no cost. This includes posting your current openings, listing your open houses, enabling online tour booking, and accessing our data analytics.

What does a free listing typically include?

A free listing includes all of the info on our registration form plus one photo.

Is there an obligation to spend money?

Never! Your basic listing is always free and there’s never an obligation to purchase anything.

Do you provide insight into families searching for daycare and preschool?

Our data analytics gives you extensive information about the families searching our site.

Can I include more photos and a video?

Yes! Additional media on your profile page is included in our pilot program. If there are children in the photos and video, please ensure you have permission to use their images.

Can people book tours of my facility through your site?

Yes! Tour booking is included in our pilot. Input your tour dates, times, the number of spots you have available, and any other pertinent info (e.g. parking, adults only, tour duration, etc.) and families can book directly through us. You’ll get an email confirmation once the tour is booked.

I have open spots to fill quickly. How can I do that?

Simply list your current openings with us. Your current and future openings will be listed in the Current Openings section of the website and right on your profile page. List as many as you like throughout the pilot.

I’d like to get the word out about my open house and upcoming events. Where do I do that?

We include unlimited event listings during our pilot. Events will be shown both in the events section and right on your profile page for one month, or until the date of the event passes.

Can I contact families directly who are searching your site?

You’ll receive detailed information about some families, including name and email address. You are responsible for adhering to the CAN-SPAM Act if you contact families.

I’d like to advertise with you. Is there a space for that?

You we have several advertising opportunities, which can be found here.