How does Paper Pinecone work?
It’s easy! Just register for free basic listing and upload a photo. Families looking for care will easily be able to find and contact you. 

What does a free basic listing include?
A basic listing includes all of the info on our registration form plus one photo. 

Can I include more photos and a video?
Yes! For a small fee you can upload up to 12 photos and a video. If there are children in the video, please ensure you have permission to use their images. 

Can people book tours of my facility through your site? 
Yes! It works just like making a dinner reservation. For an annual fee you’ll be able input your tour schedule, the number of spots you have available, and any other pertinent info (e.g. parking, leave the kids at home, etc.) and families can book directly through us. You’ll get an email confirmation once the tour is booked. 

I have open spots to fill quickly. How can I do that?
Simply list your current opening with us. The spot will remain on our site for 30 days and there’s a monthly fee for each current opening listed. You’ll receive an email when the listing is expiring at which time you can renew it, or do nothing and it will disappear. 

I’d like to get the word out about my open house and upcoming events. Where do I do that? 
You can list your events, summer program, and open houses with us. Fees for these are charged monthly and you can renew or simply let the listing expire.

I’d like to advertise with you. Is there a space for that? 
You can advertise your school right on our homepage or pay for premium placement in search results. 

Is there an obligation to spend money?
Never! Your basic listing remains free and there’s never an obligation to purchase anything.