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The Best Gifts Under $20 for National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day 2022

Published Date: 04/29/22

We're building awareness for National Provider Appreciation Day - Friday, May 6, 2022. Join us!


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What is National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day?

What is the history of National Provider Appreciation Day?

When is National Provider Appreciation Day?

How can you thank your child care providers?

In-demand gifts for childcare workers (all under $20)


What is National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day?

National Provider Appreciation Day is a special day to recognize and appreciate the incredibly hard work our childcare providers do caring for our children.

Their tireless efforts support families allow working parents to rest easy.

National provider appreciation day allows us to celebrate the commitment of daycare workers, caregivers, nannies, preschool teachers, childcare directors, and other childcare service providers to our children and our families.

Their essential contribution to the success of our nation should not be underestimated. They provide care, nurture our children, their interests, and their curiosities, and deserve recognition by not only on this date, but every day.


national provider appreciation day celebrates child care providers the friday before Mother's day.

Thank your child care provider with this downloadable graphic

What is the history of National Provider Appreciation Day?

National Provider Appreciation Day was founded in 1995 by the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC) as a way to recognize family child care providers and providers who work in child care centers. This event has since grown each year and recognizes the ongoing efforts of those who care for and provide for children. This includes teachers, child care providers, and other educators of young children. 

When is National Provider Appreciation Day?

National Provider Appreciation Day is celebrated on the Friday before Mother's Day. In 2022, it is on Friday, May 6th.

celebrate the tireless efforts of childcare providers on national provider appreciation day.

Download this graphic to support your child care provider on national provider appreciation day! Don't miss the date - the friday before mother's day - May 6, 2022


How can you thank your child care providers?

So, what can you do as a parent with a young child to support the child care professionals in your life?

The organizers of National Provider Appreciation Day have made it easy to recognize your caregivers. It's something every family can afford - you don't have to spend a dime!

Use this link to upload a video message and show your support on this national day to celebrate providers. Get family members involved to show how much your whole group values child care.

Then share it on social media with the hashtag #ThankYouChildCare and encourage other parents to do the same.

You can also check out our National Provider Appreciation Day gift ideas below.

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National Provider Appreciation Day gift ideas under $20

No need to search far and wide, these National Provider Appreciation Day gifts won't break the bank and come from the heart. All are under $20 and will show you care on this national day to show your support.

DIY with love (and your child)

Give your favorite child care providers the recognition they deserve this holiday with a homemade gift. Kids will have fun making stepping stones and your daycare workers will love that it comes from the heart.

Made by Me stepping stones will delight caregivers on this national day to recognize childcare workers across the country. It's the perfect example of a thoughtful gift from you and your child.

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A thoughtful gift card

Working parents may not have the time for a DIY gift. If that's the case, a gift card is always in demand and appreciated. Don't forget to personalize it on this national day of recognition for the child care workforce. Pick up a personalized digital gift card here or grab a physical one here.

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A soft jersey blanket

Women who work in child care will love to cozy up under this blanket after a long day. Made from the softest jersey material, it's available in seven beautiful colors. And at under $20, it's an easy choice to show your support on this special day.

Aromatherapy shower steamers

Child care is a stressful job, but with their own families to care for, finding time for a relaxing bath can be hard.

These aromatherapy shower steamers can melt away the stress of tantrums at the end of a long day, or get them in the right mindset for another day of child care.

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Electric wine opener

If you know that your child care provider enjoys a glass of wine, pick up this electric wine opener. It's a practical gift to show you care this special day and will get lots of use.

The perfect keychain

On Friday, May 6th, your child care provider will know you're on their team when you give them the perfect keychain.

Mason jar planter box

Friday, May 6th, show your nannies, child care teachers, and other educators in child care how much they mean to you. This mason jar planer box reads "Thank you for helping me grow" which is the perfect sentiment for anyone in the child care field.

Chocolate covered pretzels

Your child will be thrilled to present this salty sweet treat to their teacher. It's something the whole group and enjoy while being celebrated on this national day of appreciation.

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Gourmet spicy seasonings

If your provider loves spicy food, this Kick Butt gourmet seasoning gift set will make any meal fire. Maybe tell them to keep it away from the kids...

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Kitty cat measuring spoons

Does your daycare provider love cute kitties? If so, show you're thoughtful and you care with these adorable measuring spoons!

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Weekend tote

Thank goodness it's Friday! You'll hear that from anyone who works in child care and is looking forward to the weekend. Your daycare team will love this Hello Weekend jute tote, perfect for running errands heading to the beach.

Manifestation journal

Does your provider want to open their own child care center someday? Or maybe they have big plans to move up in their organization. Or perhaps they're dreaming of traveling the world.

Whatever they're looking to do, this 30-day manifestation journal will help get them there. A perfect gift for the holiday!

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A makeup bag for everyone

Whether your child care provider loves tacos, swears like a sailor (maybe not in front of your child), or is always perfectly coifed, a fun makeup bag shows you care on National Provider Appreciation Day. If you're not sure what they like (outside of your child), pick one up that tells them how awesome they are.

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A mother's thank you poem

Knowing that your child is safe at daycare is invaluable. Show your child care provider how much it means to you with a framed thank you poem. You might see a tear in their eye when they read, "for being there in place of me, I'm grateful...and I'll always be."

Celebrate the child care workforce!

With Child Care Provider Appreciation Day for 2022 approaching quickly (May 6, 2022 - it's always the Friday before Mother's Day), it’s time to put in a little effort to demonstrate your appreciation. With a little thought, you really can’t go wrong. Simply recognizing your child’s teacher in person or on social media is enough to make them feel like they’ve made a difference to you and your child’s learning and development. 

Their continuing support for the social, emotional, and physical care of our young children has certainly not gone unnoticed, and this is clear in the organizations that have stepped up and become involved in this nationwide event.

From child care providers and referral agencies, child care advocates, community-based organizations, government entities, and individuals, National Provider Appreciation Day is a day our child care workers deserve to be celebrated. This day strengthens the collective gratitude that we as a nation have for our child care providers who care for our young children. 

Happy National Provider Appreciation Day!


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