Top 3 Swim Goggles for Kids That Guarantee Clear Vision and Water Fun[2024 guide]

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Best Swim Goggles for Kids in 2024

Published Date: 05/17/24

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Why is Wearing Goggles Important for Kids?

Types of Kids' Swim Goggles

Our Picks for the Best Kids' Goggles

Common Questions about Best Swim Goggles for Kids

Have your kids started taking swimming lessons, or are you packing for a poolside or beachside vacation? In any case, you must be completely geared up to make the kids’ time in the water as fun and as comfortable as possible.

Talking about essential swimming gear and accessories, you can’t miss kids swim goggles. Yes, the kids will look quite cute in the different colors of goggles, but there are multiple reasons for us to emphasize them.

best kids swim goggles

Picking the right pair of goggles for your little ones can be tricky since there are multiple options available in the market and various factors to consider. Considering all important factors and including different parameters, we have tested all the options and made a list of 2024's best swim goggles!

Here is everything you need to know before selecting swim goggles for your kids and a guide to picking the best pair!

Why is Wearing Goggles Important for Kids?

 Swim goggles for kids are a must when you hit the pool

Richard Cahalan, an international swimming competitor and Australian champion, said, “75% of child drownings in 2019 occurred from unintentional falls. The likelihood of having goggles on during an accident is extremely low.” 

Kids are encouraged to wear swim goggles when going into the water for the following reasons.

Eye Protection

The salty water of an ocean, chlorinated pool water, and other chemicals and debris in the water can cause irritation and injuries to the eyes. Chlorine can cause stinging, itching, redness, and teariness. While not every kid may experience such issues, they are easily prevented. Swim goggles allow children to swim freely without any discomfort in their eyes. 

braid hair to prevent tangles while swimming.

Improved Underwater Visibility

When you are in the water learning how to move your body to swim through exactly, visibility often becomes a problem. Keeping the eyes open is difficult as the water keeps moving, creating waves and splashes. It can lead to mishaps and injuries.

You can’t control the underwater environment, but your kids can keep their eyes open, clearly ensure their underwater position, and enjoy proper visibility if they have a pair of swim goggles. 

Better Learning

The kids will be encouraged to stay submerged, practice for longer, and learn better when it does not irritate their eyes and they can see things clearly. With minimal distractions, they will focus more on understanding the basics and improving quickly.

Types of Kid's Swim Goggles

With customizable gaskets and features like advanced anti-fog technology, kids swim goggles have come a long way in recent years. Parents can find pairs of different kinds with specific features!

best kids swim googles

Classic Swim Goggles

These are the standard kids swim goggles, with two lenses, adjustable straps, and a simple design. They offer eye protection and often come in different colors and prints.

Swim Masks

These are designed with a larger frame than classic kids swim goggles. With a wide vision field, a swim mask is best for snorkeling, recreational swimming, and other underwater exploration.

Training Swim Goggles

These high-functioning kids swim goggles are best for daily training. They are often designed with cutting-edge features like anti-fog technology and a wide vision field.

Prescription Swim Goggles

These are made with ophthalmologist-prescribed goggle lenses for kids with vision impairments, whether nearsighted or farsighted.

What to Look for in kids' swim goggles

The key here is to find a pair that the kid will wear comfortably, and that will safeguard against many outside phenomena during water activities.

 swim goggles for kids

UV protection

Exposure to UV rays during long hours of outdoor activities like swimming can be discomforting and harmful to the eyes. Kids swim goggles with UV protection are crucial when swimming in the sun.

Tinted lenses

Kids swim goggles often have tinted lenses. They add a colorful touch to the style quotient and can definitely attract kids' curious eyes. However, there’s more to tinted lens! They can reduce glare and enhance color contrast.

For example, lenses with an orange tint can heighten contrast in high and low light conditions. A pink tinted lens will ensure the best contrast against blue and green. Purple and blue tints will reduce glare in bright conditions.

a drop of baby shampoo on the inside of the lenses help keep swim goggles from fogging up

Adjustable Strap

Adjustability is a prime consideration when it comes to shopping for more kids. The logic with adjustable straps is quite simple. If the straps are adjustable, the kids can easily put on, take off, and adjust according to their own comfort. With the ease of use comes a customized fit.

What else? Kids can grow out of things quickly, and adjustable straps can accommodate the growth and remove the need to buy new pairs every now and then. 

Anti-Fog protection

Those who wear glasses regularly know they are no strangers to foggy lenses. Imagine this! You are swimming, and the glass lenses become foggy. The vision will become unclear, and you will find it difficult to scope your surroundings and detect obstacles. Ensure your children remain fog free by buying a pair of goggles with anti-fog protection. 

reef-safe sunscreen is crucial to protect the environment

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Nose bridge construction

The adjustable nose bridge is highly recommended when buying kids swim goggles. It offers a customized fit, ensuring comfortable wear. If the nose bridge sits perfectly in its place, there will be no slipping, and the kids can enjoy swimming without any issues. An adjustable nose bridge is further helpful for growing children.

Comfortable fit

We all know if a child is not comfortable wearing or using something, they will not go anywhere near that thing. So, comfort is a prime concern. Opt for a soft gasket that will fit snugly around your kid’s eyes. It should have an accurate fit but not leave any marks or cause discomfort. 

the best goggles for kids: ensure a leak free fit with a good pair that has an adjustable strap

How Did We Pick the Best Swim Goggles for Kids?

We hit the beach and the pool with kids ranging in age from 3-12. Some had been swimming for years and some were just getting their feet wet, so to speak.

We tested goggles based on various features and comfort levels. The ones that made our list offered superior fit, were (mostly) leak free, didn't fog up, and stayed on our kids faces as they splashed around.

Our Picks for the Best Goggles for Kids

The following three best kids swim goggles have the best features and perks, with assurance of great comfort.

2024's top swim goggles for kids

TYR Swimple Youth Swim Goggles

TYR goggles - perfect for splashing around in the pool during a game of marco polo

Best overall

The TYR Swimple Tie Dye Youth Swim Goggles are made with hypoallergenic, dura-fit silicone gaskets to ensure durability. The adjustable strap with a release button will allow quick and easy adjustment. The overall structure is engineered with growing kids in mind to aid in improved performance and great fit. These are available in multiple colors. 

Product Features

  • UV protection - optical-grade polycarbonate lenses

  • Easy to adjust straps

  • Anti-fog protection

  • Fixed nose bridge construction

  • Comfortable fit

What we liked:

  • We were able to achieve a great fit on both younger kids and older. They provided excelled peripheral vision and there was little visual distortion.

  • The kids goggles have been tested as per the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s guidelines and received approval.

Speedo Hydrospex Goggles

speedo Hydrospex provide superior underwater vision at the pool. they offer UV protection from the sun and speedo is a trusted leader in swim gear.

Best for: Lap swimming

Speedo Unisex-child Swim Goggles Hydrospex features a performance-driven drive to motivate the kids to reach their best form. A soft and flexible one-piece silicone frame provides a comfortable fit. The split head straps of these Speedo pairs allow for a snug fit without any slipping.

The gasket shape featuring the outer-eye cushioned TPR seal accommodating a universal fit for all kids, in combination with the well-known reliability of Speedo’s other goggles, makes this great pair a nice addition to a kid’s swim gear. These are available in multiple solid shades and prints.

Product Features:

  • UVA and UVB protection

  • Easy-to-adjust straps

  • Anti-fog coatings

  • Unibody nose piece for proper fit

  • Comfortable fit

What we liked:

  • The Speedo Hydrospex goggles don't contain any latex, which is great for kids with allergies.

  • Exceptional fit at the eye socket made them great for swimming laps and for splashing around. They were the all-around best leak-free goggles.

  • Despite not having an adjustable nose piece, they fit our kids' faces very well. However, they may not work for young swimmers under the age of six. Recommended ages is 6-10.

  • Speedo is a trusted leader in swim gear, so you know they're high quality.

Aqua Sphere Goggles

 Aqua Sphere Goggles for 3 Years

Best for younger swimmers

Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swim Goggles, with the brand’s patented technology of curved lenses, offer 180-degree distortion-free visibility. This means that kids will have a wide vision field and maximum advantage underwater.

Thanks to the E-Z adjust buckle system, kids can adjust the goggles even while wearing them. The silicone and Softeril gasket strike the perfect combination of comfort and durability.

Product Features:

  • UV protection

  • Easy-to-adjust straps

  • Anti-fog coating

  • Comfortable fit

What we liked:

  • Similar to dive masks, the Aqua Sphere were great for young swimmers.

  • The durable lenses have added anti-scratch protection.

  • It fit smaller faces well and provided the best peripheral vision.

  • Aqua Sphere offered exception leak free protection.

Common Questions about Best Swim Goggles for Kids

Can a 3-year-old wear swim goggles?

Parents can introduce swim goggles to children of two or three years old. It might take some kids a little time to get used to wearing goggles. It is important to get a soft, flexible, and adjustable pair. We suggest smaller practice segments instead of long periods in goggles for the first few days. 

What color goggles are best for swimming in indoor pools?

Pink, purple, and blue color goggles are best for swimming in indoor pools.

How do you choose the right size of swim goggles for kids?

Specific goggles are available for different ages. Start by checking the age. Next, ensure its width fits the face nicely. It is also best to pick a pair with easy-to-adjust straps and a unibody frame.

Are there swim goggles that will not leave marks?

Definitely! Goggles made with soft, silicon frames are super comfortable on the skin, and when combined with adjustable straps, they can provide an accurate fit without any marks.

How do you put swimming goggles on kids?

Put the pair of goggles on the eyes first and then put the straps above the ears and behind the head. Make sure the straps are not too tight. 

Do swim goggles go inside or outside the cap?

Young competitive swimmers are often seen with goggles inside their caps. However, it is not a must-follow norm for all swimmers. In fact, if you put the cap first on your kid’s head and then the goggles, it will be easier to adjust and take off the pair of goggles. 

What is the difference between swim goggles and a swim mask?

A swim mask has a broader frame than goggles. That means kids will get a wider vision field and better visibility in a swim mask.

How should the nose pieces of a swim goggle fit?

The nose pieces must fit comfortably on the nose without causing any distress.

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