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How much of your income do you need for infant care? It depends on where you live.

Published Date: 07/01/19

The cost of childcare has outpaced inflation over the last several decades. The cost of childcare is cited by a New York Times survey as the top reason people are having fewer children.

Another study by Child Care Aware found that in 2017, childcare for 2 children exceeded mortgage payments in 35 states and the District of Columbia. They found that married couples pay 11% of their income toward child care and single parents pay 37% of their income.

Here we examine the cost of infant care in each state as a percentage of the median household income in that state. Masschusetts comes in with the highest percentage at 76.8% and Louisiana at the lowest at 24.6%. Find out how your state measures up.

cost of childcare by state

Alabama: 27.3%

Alaska: 40.6%

2020 democratic candidates who support universal child care

Arizona: 47.8%

Arkansas: 29.5%

California: 59.5%

Colorado: 60.2%

Connecticut: 61.1%

Delaware: 40.7%

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Florida: 42.4%

Georgia: 37.1%

Hawaii: 50.5%

Idaho: 35.3%

Illinois: 55.6%

Indiana: 57.0%

Iowa: 41.3%

the unintended consequences of universal preschool

Kansas: 54.1%

Kentucky: 29.1%

Louisiana: 24.6%

Maine: 44.7%

Maryland: 54.0%

Massachusetts: 76.8%

the history of sleep training

Michigan: 50.8%

Minnesota: 61.0%

Mississippi: 25.5%

Missouri: 44.9%

Montana: 48.2%

Nebraska: 38.0%

survive the transition to preschool

Nevada: 41.0%

New Hampshire: 55.5%

New Jersey: 47.2%

New Mexico: 39.3%

New York: 57.3%

North Carolina: 44.1%

North Dakota: 32.6%

how to navigate preschool waitlists

Ohio: 46.9%

Oklahoma: 35.7%

Oregon: 58.4%

Pennsylvania: 49.9%

Rhode Island: 62.2%

South Carolina: 32.3%

South Dakota: No data

what to ask on a preschool tour

Tennessee: 40.7%

Texas: 38.5%

Utah: 58.4%

Vermont: 45.8%

Virginia: 48.8%

Washington: 54.6%

Washinton D.C.: 51.2%

West Virginia: 41.8%

Wisconsin: 57.6%

Wyoming: 39.6%

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