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What You Can Do During Your Pregnancy to Prepare for an Easier Delivery

Published Date: 01/09/20

Once you find out that you’re pregnant, you have several months to prepare for the day your baby arrives. Nine months is not only needed for your baby to grow and develop, but that time is also needed to prepare your body, your home, and your career. Childbirth is something that most women worry about whether they have given birth before or this is their first baby. Labor is a very difficult process for the body to go through, but there are things that you can do to prepare yourself for an easier delivery.

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Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is extremely beneficial for your body when you’re pregnant. It can help relax your muscles and stretch your body. According to Utah Prenatal Yoga, this type of yoga is designed especially for the expecting mother. It offers a safe and challenging workout, with a bonus of mental and spiritual preparation. When it comes to childbirth, prenatal yoga can help you open up your hips and help you prepare your cervix. Yoga teaches you ways to remain calm throughout the process. Certain yoga poses can be dangerous for pregnant women, so it’s a good idea for you to take a class that is designed for pregnancy.

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Find a Lactation Consultant

While breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, some babies can struggle with latching and some mothers can have a hard time getting the hang of it. Naya Weber, IBCLC of It’s More Than Milk Lactation Services says, “Finding a lactation consultant before birth can help expectant parents prepare to feed their new baby. Many lactation consultants can be a resource for new parents to learn what they can expect with feeding over the first few days and weeks of life. Additionally, if lactation support is needed after baby’s arrival, the family will already have a point of contact - help will be a call away!” Lining up a lactation consultant in advance can help you achieve a positive breastfeeding relationship with your new baby.

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Take a Childbirth Class

There are several different methods you can use for childbirth. Some women prefer to use medication to make themselves more comfortable. Other women prefer the natural route. According to What to Expect, taking a childbirth class gives you greater practice and knowledge about the entire birth process and helps you better prepare for when the big moment arrives. These classes help to reduce your anxiety and teach you different techniques, such as ways to relax and breathe, various labor positions, and ways to help reduce pain.


Go to the Chiropractor

A chiropractor will use gentle and effective techniques for getting your body into alignment. According to Jenkins Chiropractic, going to the chiropractor during pregnancy helps prepare the pelvis, removes torsion of the ligaments, reduces interference to the vital nerve system, and improves maternal function, helping to have a smoother and easier delivery. You can go back to your chiropractor postpartum in order to help speed along the healing process. It can even help you produce more milk if you’re breastfeeding.


If you have just found out that you’re pregnant, it’s a good idea to start reading up on what you can expect during these nine months and beyond. Learning all you can about childbirth will help you prepare for what is to come. While you can’t predict everything that will happen, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on what the potential scenarios are.

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