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What Can Parents Do to Help Their Children Learn Good Driving Habits Early?

Published Date: 09/05/19

Many parents tend to put off driving lessons for their children until they are in some sort of driving school program, but by then, it might be too late. Studies have shown that good driving habits begin early in life through verbal and visual cues. The following list entails some of the ways that you can begin to teach your child good driving habits early on.

Involve Them in the Drive
Freedom is often the number one reason teenagers want to get their license. This stems from being told when they can be taken somewhere and to behave when they're in a car. One of the best recommendations is to involve your child in the driving experience. This does not mean allowing them to drive your car but to let them be more of a co-pilot of sorts. Asking them to eliminate distractions, look out for traffic, and read the signs up ahead are great ways to accomplish that.

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Model Good Driving Habits
When it comes to bad young drivers, the saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," often applies. This is because children often imitate the habits they have seen their parents doing since they were a child. Growing up, they might have seen their mother putting on makeup while driving or reaching down to get her cup of coffee and losing focus on the road. In a study conducted in the Midwest, 90 percent of 570 parents indicated that they engaged in at least one distracted driving behavior. Children see this and may hold you accountable for their habits later on in life. Therefore, it is your duty to set good examples that your kids can draw on when they begin to drive.

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Teach Them About the Law

Driving schools do a good job of laying out all the various laws that should be followed when driving. However, with such a short span of time to teach them, they are often glossed over rather quickly. This is why you should always double down on your kids' knowledge of the law. These could include the age laws, such as not being able to drive between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m, or the laws that pertain to having a person older than 21 in the vehicle with a new driver.

Understandably, allowing your children to drive for the first time can be an anxious moment. However, teaching them while they are still young about how to be safe while in the car will help to ingrain those good habits in their brains. With the proper precautions, you can help to make sure that your child has a safe and enjoyable time driving.

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