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How Parents Can Promote Self-Motivation in Their Children

Published Date: 01/08/20

You want your child to be a self-motivated individual who can make choices on his own. However, it's not always easy to know how to create the kind of environment where self-motivated kids emerge. Here are a few tips to make sure your kids are proactive.

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Don't Be a Helicopter Parent

Being involved in your child's life is important and beneficial. Unfortunately, some parents take this to the extreme and become helicopter parents, forever hovering over everything their child does. Helicopter parents aren't great for kids because they harm a child's ability to be self-motivated. When every decision that is made or obstacle that is faced is handled by a parent, a child loses confidence in the ability to do things on her own. A better approach is to be a dolphin parent. This style of parenting offers boundaries and guidance while still allowing kids to make their own decisions and explore. It is neither too strict or overindulgent, and it allows kids to develop confidence in their own decision-making skills.

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Lead by Example

Young children tend to work hard naturally, learning from the expectations and behavior of their parents. This source of learning sticks in their minds, and that's why leading by example is one of the best ways to teach kids how to be self-motivated. Set a goal you want to achieve and discuss it with your child. Let her see you motivate yourself to reach your goal, and talk her through your progress and process. The key is to share insight while actually doing the work for your child to see. Words alone don't go as far as actions, and kids need to see an example of an adult who knows how to stay intrinsically self-motivated.

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Make Progress the Goal

Kids need to know that progress is the goal, not perfection. This can go a long way in helping kids get motivated to try things that are out of their comfort zones. Failure is not the enemy, and kids can learn from experience no matter how it goes. Praise your child's progress when they are self-motivated enough to take on a task. Avoid general praise that doesn't specify why you are impressed. This can feel empty to a child and can squash motivation if it lacks sincerity.

It’s no secret that kids can sometimes be difficult to keep in line. However, it is possible to raise self-motivated kids. Follow a few of these guidelines that make sense for your family and let your child take the lead from there.

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