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How to Help Your Children “Help” You Cook

Published Date: 07/29/19

Nothing excites children quite like getting to feel "grown-up." Being involved in a household process, such as cooking, can put them over the moon. You might not entrust your toddler with preparing a four-course meal, for obvious reasons. However, you can definitely let them have a hand in the process. These are some ways you let your children be involved in cooking.

Keep Tasks Age Appropriate

Depending on how old or mature your children are, according to Everything Kitchens, you should only let them do certain things. Choosing what they can do may depend on what they can comprehend. Younger children can grasp stirring together some batter, but you may need to wait until they're older before asking them to make precise measurements. When you ask them to do something, make sure they understand by asking them to repeat back what you asked. If they make a mistake, don't get upset. Instead, point out what they did and show them what they should've done. This way, they'll know better for next time.
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Teach Them Safety First

Kitchens can be dangerous places, even at home. There are chances for cuts and burns abound. Your children need to know that if they want to be given the responsibility of working in the kitchen, they also need to take safety seriously. Show them the proper technique for handling knives, if you believe they can deal with such responsibility. According to GBW.Law, turning pot and pan handles to the back of the stove can keep them out of a child's reach, decreasing the chance of tips and spills. Should a mishap occur, they need to be instructed on proper first aid. Your children might want to feel grown-up, but they first need to show they take safety seriously.

Have Them Read the Recipe

One of the most important, but most tedious, parts of cooking is referring to the recipe. It can become exhausting to constantly keep walking back to look at the cookbook or website. Thankfully, according to, it’s easy to teach your child how to teach a recipe or how to follow it in some way, depending on their age. One way you could give your children a big responsibility is by having them vocalize each step. When one is complete, ask them to provide you with the next one and thank them. This can give them a chance to feel like leaders and realize the importance of having a voice.

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