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3 Tips for Keeping Your Daycare or Preschool Organized

Published Date: 05/19/19

For those who run a daycare, it's common to have plenty of toys, crafts, and sporting equipment around to keep kids busy and entertained each day. Although the children may have a lot of options when it comes to playing, the daycare can quickly become messy and disorganized throughout the week. If you want to maintain a tidy and organized space, there are a few main tips to follow.

Cut the Clutter
Although it's important to have a lot of games and toys for the kids in your care, it can be easy for clutter to accumulate, which can make it challenging to find certain items each day. Toss anything that is broken, has missing parts, or hasn't been used in the last year. Create a toss, donate, and keep pile to make it easy to work quickly through the clutter. Grouping like items together in storage bins and labeling everything will allow you to become more organized while cutting the clutter.

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Utilize Storage Space
You may feel limited on space due to the number of items that have accumulated at the daycare. You likely want to keep certain items that you currently don't have use for and can use in the future. Renting self-storage can allow you to secure the belongings off-site but still have easy access to them when they're needed. Storage space is perfect for things you use infrequently, like seasonal or holiday supplies. You can swap out the items each season or year to rotate what is used in the daycare while freeing up extra space in the building.

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Use Digital Payment Processing
The paperwork that accumulates when managing a daycare can pile up quickly without proper organization. Opt for going digital to limit the amount of clutter that you have in the office or at a desk. Use digital payment processing to allow parents to make payments on time from different types of devices for added convenience. The parents will likely pay on time due to the streamlined process and can limit the buildup of overdue bills. It will also allow you to save time by improving your cash flow with a simpler process implemented.

With the right tools and techniques, you can maintain an organized daycare that is run efficiently. You'll experience less stress if you're in control of the setting and know where to find everything. Want to fill the openings in your daycare? List for free with Paper Pinecone!

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