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Poo Paint Aims to Help You Potty Train Your Kids

Published Date: 11/22/19

Toilet training is hard.

Do you use the three-day method? Go slow and steady? Hope your daycare will take the reins?

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This Japanese company aims to make the process a little bit easier, although perhaps a bit messier in the process (if that’s even possible).

poo paint

Introducing PooPaint.

You read that right. They want your child to paint with poop.

Before your head goes to where it probably went to - it’s not exactly what you think. This toilet paper has designs that turn color (brown, presumably) when your child wipes.

The theory is that little Timmy will be excited to see the designs and will poop on the potty without much effort on your part.

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Admittedly, I’m the mom of a 4.5-year-old who will only poop on the potty outside of our house and uses diapers at home (no judgement), it does sound somewhat appealing. I mean, at this point I’ll try almost anything.

Then again, the thought of what happens after my child sees the poop designs is enough to stop me from rushing out to order. That’s one piece of art that’s not going on our fridge.

Plus, it’s only available in Japan and at 500 yen for two rolls (about $4.60), I think I’ll just wait it out until she’s ready.

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