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Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for Preschool Teachers All Under $20

Published Date: 11/25/19

Bath Set
Nothing says relax like a warm bath at the end of the day. A bath bomb spa kit is just what your teacher needs to take a load off.  

bath set

Pete the Cat Socks
Pete the Cat is loved by all. With a pair for every school day, these fun socks will keep your teacher’s tootsies warm.

pete the cat socks

Make Up Bag
A make up bag can double as the perfect school supply storage and these are perfect.

make up bag

makeup bag

makeup bag

Bluetooth Hat
A bluetooth hat keeps them warm while letting them listen to their favorite tunes.

bluetooth hat

history of sleep training

A gift that keeps on giving. This indoor basil plant shows your appreciations year-round.

basil plant

babies can't self soothe

Essential Oils
We all know how stressful dealing with little ones can be. These roll on essential oils help you relax and come in four different scents - lavender, tea tree, sweet orange, and peppermint.

essential oils

Infinity Scarf
Practical and pretty. This infinity scarf has a secret pocket for your teacher’s cell phone and other essentials.

infinity scarf

what providers want you to know

Lunch Tote
Most teachers pack their lunches daily, but there’s no need not to do it in style. This adorable lunch tote keeps food fresh while coordinating with almost any outfit.

lunch tote

This tote says it all - “You can’t scare me...I teach preschool.”

tote bag

Wine glasses
Teachers are heroes, but even heroes need a glass of wine at the end of the day. These funny wine glasses let teachers pour based on what kind of day it was.

teacher wine glasses

don't rely on reviews to find childcare

Gourmet Finishing Salt
Any foodie or cocktail lover will appreciate this artisan salt set, free of chemicals, additives, allergens, and iodine.

finishing salt

Teacher Appreciation Bracelet
Show your appreciation for your preschool teacher with this beautiful cuff bracelet.

teacher bracelet

reading impacts your child's development

Key Finder
A tech gift for a busy teacher makes their mornings easier when finding keys doesn’t hold them up.

key finder

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