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Best 7 Toddler Golf Clubs Our Kids Won't Put Down

Published Date: 12/14/23

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Benefits of Toddler Golf

How to Choose the Perfect Golf Club Sets for Your Toddler

Things to Consider When Getting Started with Toddler Golf

Best Sets of Toddler Golf Clubs


If you've seen the videos of Tiger Woods making shots on a putting mat at age two, you may have wondered if you have your own golf prodigy on your hands.

Or maybe you're just looking for a set of fun toy golf clubs for your toddler so you can hit some golf balls in the backyard together.

Regardless of whether you're looking to get into junior golf or you want an activity that builds fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination from an early age, you can't go wrong by choosing a golf club set from our picks of the best.

the best golf club sets for toddlers

Benefits of Toddler Golf

The benefits of junior golf are vast and significant. Here's what you can expect:

Improved fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Hitting a ball with a golf club requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which are both important components in toddler development. Physically, hand-eye coordination helps with coordination and fine motor skills will help your toddler develop independence as they learn things like dressing themselves.

Improved cognitive development

Golf requires focus, patience, concentration, and problem solving skills. These are skills that your child needs as they grow and enter school. This can also all lead to improved behavior.

It's great exercise

Golf may not be high intensity cardio training, but swinging a club builds strength and there's tons of walking when you're out on the course.

Golf teaches responsibility

If you're investing in a great set of golf clubs, you can teach your child to properly clean and store them and expect your child to do that independently as they get older. It's a great lesson in caring for your belongings.

golf clubs for kids - golf offers many benefits for toddlers and kids of all ages - benefits of golf

It fosters creative and analytical thinking

A round of golf requires both analytics and creativity - both highly valued traits that take years to develop.

Creates opportunities to spend time together

If you're a golfer, there's no better way to spend an afternoon than out on the course with your kids. You'll develop both bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.

Helps develop good decision making skills

In a sport that's always moving, you don't always have time to think before you act. But because golf is a slower more meticulous game, each decision needs to be well thought out and these skills apply to all aspects of life.

Golf gets kids outside

Kids today have so much screen time. TV, movies, iPads, video games, phones, smart's endless. Getting outside to play golf has extensive benefits that can't be understated.

It teaches fair play and integrity

Nobody likes losing games, but kids especially hate it. Golf is a game where you compete against others, but also yourself. It teaches kids to be a good sport, how to win and lose with grace, and play fairly.

Helps kids work toward a goal

Working toward and reaching a goal helps children gain confidence, develop work ethic, persevere through challenges, and have a sense of purpose.

people of all ages can play golf: young age groups and older

How to Choose the Perfect Golf Club Sets for Your Toddler

When you want your kid to start playing golf, you should look for the best toddler golf clubs to enhance the experience.

Age-Appropriate Features: Look for features designed for ages 2-5 if you want your toddler to have a good experience while playing golf. These golf clubs come with lighter weights and shorter shafts. This makes them easily manageable for your kid. Ensure the grip is comfortable and easy to handle for little hands.

Safety First: When opting for toddler golf clubs and accessories, safety should be considered. Ensure that the materials used are suitable for toddlers. Most toddler golf clubs feature soft-club heads, which avoid injuries. Such club heads are designed while keeping toddler golf in mind.

check the size of the golf club to ensure it's right for your toddlers

Size and Adjustability: The key to a good experience for toddler golf is proper sizing and adjustability. Look for a toddler golf set appropriate for your kid's arms length. It should be adjustable too, to modify when the children grow. Such features don't only improve the experience but also is cost-effective, keeping the golf sets life longer.

Type of Clubs: Ensure the toddler golf club sets have all the required clubs. A kid's golf set will encompass 3 fundamental clubs: a driver, a putter, and a wedge. Provide your kid with these 3 clubs to enhance the fun experience and help them learn all the fundamental basics of the game.

chose a high quality golf club set when starting your children in junior golf

Things to Consider When Getting Started with Toddler Golf

Now that you know the various benefits of Toddler golf. You should know certain things to consider before putting your kid into one of the best toddler golf clubs. Let's take a look into how to get started with Toddler golf:

Choose the Right Equipment: Playing golf may seem a tough task for little ones, but it wouldn't be if you have the right equipment. When looking for a toddler golf club set, choose one for 3-5 ages. These come with clubs that are lighter and have appropriate grip sizes. These are easier for your kid to handle while playing golf.

Choose a Beginner-friendly golf course: Now that you have the perfect equipment, you should go for a beginner-friendly golf course. Choose the one that has family tees and shorter holes, which are ideal for kids. You should aim to create a fun environment for your toddler at this early stage and pique their interest more.

family riding in a golf cart - outdoor sports like golf are great for boys and girls of any age

Provide Lessons and Guidance: Look for a local golf clinic or a private lesson from a professional golfer for your toddler. This will help them understand the basics of the sport and also help them make their first swing. The aim should be to make your kid get started on understanding the fundamentals while also having fun.

Make it Fun: Your kid will expect fun at the golf course. Help them make this experience fun by encouraging and being patient with them. Indulge in their small victories and cheer them up. Don't be serious about the rules at this stage; let them discover the game at their own pace.

Practice Indoor: To make your toddler comfortable with the golf clubs, help them practice indoors. You can use soft balls to prevent any accidents or damage to goods. They can take a swing in the backyard or any other space in the home.

Play Together: You can set a good example and improve your bond by playing with them. It is also one of the best ways to pique their interest in golf. Grab your bag and clubs and head over to the golf course and practice holes.

Short and Sweet Sessions: Toddlers have limited attention spans, so keep your golf sessions short, around 10-15 minutes. Gradually extend the time as their interest grows.

Use Playful Language: Make it fun by using imaginative and playful language. Instead of a "golf course," call it an adventure, and the golf ball becomes a magical ball.

Invent Mini-Games: Create mini-golf games with simple challenges. These could include rolling the ball into a hula hoop or aiming at colorful targets. Mini-games make learning fun.

little golfer - toddler outdoor sports - golf for all ages

Engaging Golf Activities for Kids

Golfing drills for children offer enjoyable opportunities to enhance their skills. Attempt these entertaining golf activities to create a pleasurable and productive learning experience.

Putting Challenges

Putting involves precision and control, and beginners need time to practice holes to improve their skills. Integrate these challenges into your kids' golf sessions for effective learning:

Circle of Tees: Set up tees in a circle around a hole or target, approximately 3 feet away. Let them begin at one tee and aim to sink the ball into the hole. Then, proceed to the next tee, working their way around the circle.

Toy Obstacle: Position a plush toy around 2 feet behind a target or hole. Encourage them to land the ball in the hole or behind it without hitting the toy.

playing golf with kids - best golf set for toddlers

Chipping Exercises

Chipping is a fundamental skill that's often easier for children to master compared to driving. Moreover, chipping drills for young golfers provide an opportunity to introduce them to various clubs. Kids also delight in seeing how high they can make the ball soar with a well-executed chip shot. These activities are designed to infuse excitement into golf for kids:

Closest to the Target: Frame a hula hoop around a hole or target and place balls in a straight line, spaced every 5 feet, spanning a distance of 40 feet. Encourage your child to aim for the closest ball and attempt to chip it into the hoop. If they succeed, proceed to the next ball. If not, motivate them to try again.

Basket Challenge: Position a wire basket on the ground near your child and have them try to chip the ball into it. Gradually move the basket 5 feet further away each time they successfully make the shot.

our picks: the best golf set for toddlers

Best Sets of Toddler Golf Clubs

Let's look at various golf club sets we tested for your toddler to play golf. We will look at different pros of golf sets:

TOY Life Kids Golf Clubs

TOY Life Kids Golf Clubs 3-5 Toddler Boys and girls Golf Set with Chipping Mat


The TOY Life Kids Golf Clubs Set with Chipping Mat is a perfect golfing adventure for the little ones. This golf set has everything kids need to create their own backyard mini golf course. The angled golf board is great for chipping practice or for a cornhole-style toss game. Made from high-quality and child-friendly materials, these clubs, golf sticks, and targets can withstand hours of outdoor play and adventures. The plastic clubs and balls mean that kids can play both indoor and out.

What's in the box: The set include a kid-friendly golf cart with wheels for easy mobility and store, eight golf balls, three colorful golf clubs, two holes, two flags, and one golf board and putting mat.

Current price: $29.97

KOOKAROO Wooden Toddler Golf Set

 KOOKAROO wood Toddler Golf Set Ages 3-5


The beautiful wooden KOOKAROO Toddler Golf Set is handcrafted from solid hardwood. This toddler golf set is not just beautiful but also incredibly durable. Kids can adjust the difficult level with the included obstacles and the cute hole and flag pole make this a hole in one!

What's in the box: The nine-piece set includes two gold clubs, two golf balls, two obstacles (arch and ramp), a hole that holds the flag, and a storage bag.

Current price: $48.99

iPlay, iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set

iPlay, iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set


The iPlay, iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set is great for providing the repetition needed to improve at golf - or at anything. You can adjust the length of the club making it perfect for siblings to share (lol) and to grow with your child. It also includes both left hand and right hand driver heads.

What's in the box: You'll find one ball-to-tee trainer, 15 golf balls, one golf club, and three golf club heads(one putter, one left hand driver head, and one right hand driver head).

Current price: $29.99

Deekin 13 Piece Kids Wooden Golf Set

13 Piece Kids wooden Golf Set


We love this retro wooden set! With 13 pieces you can set up multiple mini golf holes of varying difficulty. Use with or without the included ramps to determine how challenging the hole will be and the labeled arches can be used to practice accuracy at varying distances. Plus, the solid wood construction means it's built to last.

What's in the box: You'll find 13 pieces including two holes with flags, two ramps, four arches, two clubs, and two balls, plus a high quality storage bag.

LZZAPJ Kids Golf Clubs

LZZAPJ Kids Golf Clubs 3-5


The LZZAPJ Kids Golf Clubs grow with your child since the stainless steel shafts can be adjusted from 15" to 25". The angled golf board is great for chipping practice and the launcher helps children hit from the same place, giving them the practice they need to improve. The plastic is BPA-free and the clubs have non-slip handles.

What's in the box: This 31-piece golf toy has all the accessories: one golf ball launcher, an angled board for chipping practice, three catching bases with flags, 20 plastic golf balls, three stainless steel golf clubs (one putter, one left hand driver, one right hand driver) three plastic golf tees, and a putting mat.

Current price: $32.99

Asweets Mini Wooden Golf Set

Asweets Mini Wooden Golf Set for kids


The Asweets Mini Wood Golf Set says it right in the name - it's so sweet. The quality Montessori-inspired golf club set makes for an adorable backyard mini golf game. The two wood clubs are 23" long, perfect for toddlers age three and up. The set has both safety and fun in mind and the carry bag keeps things organized.

What's in the box: The Asweets Mini Wood Golf Club Set includes two golf clubs, two practice holes, two wooden golf balls, a three-piece rainbow tunnel, an obstacle bridge, and a portable canvas bag.

Current price: $39.99

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Set

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Golf Club Set - best golf clubs for toddlers - kids golf


This is no golf toy - this is the real deal for toddlers: the Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Golf Club Set. This golf club set is designed for kids ages three and under or between 30"-36" in height. The lightweight graphite shafts are heavy enough to provide feedback but light enough for your little one. Choose either the right hand or left hand set and from the three-club set for the youngest toddlers under three, a slightly bigger three-club set for girls and boys ages 3-5, a four-club set for kids ages 5-8, or a five-club set for kids 9-12.

What's in the box: The Orlimar golf club set is the perfect way to get your kids started with junior golf. It includes a high-lofted driver, perimeter-weighted wedge, mallet putter with insert, retro headcover, and a lightweight stand bag with a padded carry strap.

Current price: $105.47


As you explore the toddler gold club sets for your child, remember that this is more than a game. It covers the development of your child physically, mentally, and socially. By choosing the right golf club set and making it fun, you are setting a lifelong love for the game!
So, pick the best and watch your little one indulge in the happiness of swings!

Common Questions about Toddler Golf Clubs

Q1. What age is suitable for introducing my child to golf?

Golf is enjoyable for kids as young as 3-5 years old. Look for age-appropriate golf clubs designed for their little hands.

Q2. How can golf benefit my child's development?

Golf helps children develop fine motor skills, concentration, patience, and a sense of responsibility while enjoying the outdoors.

Q3. What should I consider when choosing a set of toddler golf clubs?

Consider age-appropriate features, size adjustability, and the types of clubs included in the set.

Q4. Are there beginner-friendly golf courses for kids?

Yes, many golf courses offer family tees and shorter holes suitable for kids to enjoy and learn the game.

Q5. How can I make golf fun and engaging for my child?

You can make golf fun by providing lessons, using playful language, creating mini-games, and engaging in short, sweet sessions to match your child's attention span.