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10 Best Double Strollers to Buy in 2023

Published Date: 11/23/22

When you have two (or more) children who are close in age, a double stroller is just what you need for getting around. We investigate, test, evaluate, and independently suggest the best double strollers for every family.

You undoubtedly have a lot of questions if you are expecting more than one child or if you are having a second child while your first is still in diapers.

Will I ever sleep again?

How many cups of coffee is too many?

How will I navigate with two children in tow?

We can't help with the first two questions, but we can answer the third. When you have two (or more) children who are close in age, the double stroller is a parent's best friend.

In this article:

What is a double stroller?

Like its eponymous name, a double stroller allows for two kids to ride at the same time. If you have two young children, they're a piece of baby gear you probably can't live without.

Types of double strollers

Double strollers come in a few different set ups:

Tandem strollers: also called in-line strollers, these have one higher seat in back and a regular height seat in front, stadium-style. These are often best for narrow doorways because they are no wider than a regular stroller.

Side by side: these strollers allow two kids to sit next to one another.

Sit-and-stand: these have a conventional seat in the front while the rear has a small bench toddler seat and platform for stand up riding.

Convertible strollers: convertible strollers can change from a single to double stroller, based on your needs.

Double jogger: designed for running, they are typically lighter weight and include features like forever air rubber tires, all terrain wheels, and all wheel suspension for a smooth ride.

Wagon stroller: wagon strollers look like wagons, and can typically be pushed or pulled. They're ideal for tall children who need additional legroom and for parents who often go to crowded events.

Do you need a double stroller?

Double strollers are a must-have for some and a nice-to-have for others. Take into account these factors when looking at our list of the best double strollers.

  • Location: If you live in the city, a double stroller is probably a must.

  • Physical ability: Physical limitations may prevent you from easily carrying your children.

  • Children's size: Some children are bigger than others and if yours are big, carrying them may be difficult.

  • Lifestyle: If you're always on the go visiting parks, museums, and traveling, you'll probably want a double stroller.

  • Children's age: If your older child is nearly done with strollers, you may want to skip the double and look into an alternative.

  • Budget: Double strollers can be pricey, so consider your budget before deciding if it's a necessity.

Alternatives to double strollers

If you don't think you'll get much use out of a double but need something more than a single, consider these options:

  • Stroller boards: Designed for children over two, these are ride on boards that attach to the base of a stroller in the rear. Many are compatible with a wide range of stroller manufacturers and weight limits around 45 pounds.

Can newborns go in double strollers?

Newborns can absolutely go in double strollers with some considerations.

Before your infant can keep their head upright, the stroller will need to recline to maintain their neck in a safe position. Some of the best double strollers have three position recline for optimal safety and comfort.

In addition, most new parents want strollers that can accommodate an infant car seat, so they don't have to move a sleeping baby.

"Eco friendly, safe, bpa-free - bamboo plates with lids"

What should you consider when buying a double stroller?

The perfect double stroller for your family will depend on your circumstances. Think about your lifestyle to determine what you'll need.

Does the stroller work with your home?

Consider the width of the doorways and storage if you'll be bringing it inside regularly.

Will you be using it with car seats?

If you have twins, you'll probably want it to accommodate two car seats at the same time.

What are the height and weight limits of the stroller?

Make sure your older child isn't close to the upper limits.

How much does the stroller weigh?

The weight is a big factor if you'll need to carrying it up and down subway stairs or take it in and out of the car often.

How much storage space does the stroller offer?

City dwellers know that a large amount of undercarriage storage is essential.

How big is the stroller's canopy?

A hot climate demands a large canopy for sun protection.

Does the stroller have an adjustable leg area?

The longer you intend to use the stroller, the more adjustability you'll want to accommodate your growing children.

How easily does the stroller fold?

One handed fold is essential if you'll often have your hands full and compact fold is needed if your storage space is limited.

Do the wheels and tires offer a smooth ride?

Features like all wheel suspension and forever air rubber tires may not matter on stroll through the park, but you'll want them for peace of mind and a smooth ride on rugged terrain.

Does the stroller offer multiple configurations?

If you're having your first child but know you'll have a second baby relatively soon, you might want something flexible.

Do you need adjustable handlebars to make pushing comfortable?

Some strollers are better than others for taller parents and an adjustable handlebar may be best if you and your partner aren't around the same height.

Our Picks: The 10 Best Double Strollers in 2023

Types of stroller

Best Stadium Seat Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

Best Stadium Seat Double Stroller


Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller accommodates two infant car seats

Our favorite for: Stadium seats

The downside: Not the best maneuverability

The practical design of the Baby Trend helped it make our list. With one seat behind the other, this double stroller is great for simple maneuverability whether you have twins or are just adjusting to having another child. Both children can see ahead of them while riding thanks to the stadium-style seats, and there are two kids trays with cup holders, plus a parent tray.

The stroller includes one handed fold, has multiple configuration possibilities, and if you have newborn twins, can accommodate two infant car seats (sold separately). The seat features detachable cushions that are machine washable, a large storage basket, and large canopies to protect children from the sun.

  • Price at time of publishing: $170

  • Width: 20 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 32.5 pounds

  • Harness Type: 5-point

  • Max Weight: 50 pounds (each)

Best Budget Double Stroller

Dream On Me Volgo Twin Umbrella

Best Budget Double Stroller


BUDGET BUY: Dream On Me Volgo Twin Umbrella stroller makes our best double stroller 2023 list

Our favorite for: The price

The downside: The canopy is flimsier than other strollers

If you want something straightforward and inexpensive, you can't go wrong with this double umbrella stroller. It has adaptable five-point harnesses for safety and is suitable for children as young as six months old and up to three years old (or 40 pounds or 35 inches tall, whichever comes first). The two front-facing chairs have footrests, reclining options, and front bumpers to prevent accidents.

We love the mesh inserts on the two adjustable canopies and that it folds up small but still has a sizable storage bin under each seat.

  • Price at time of publishing: $160:

  • Width: 29 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 26.5 pounds

  • Harness Type: 5-point

  • Max Weight: 40 pounds (each)


Best Luxury Double Stroller

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller

Best Luxury Double Stroller


Cybex Gazelle is our pick for best double strollers - luxury stroller


Our favorite for: Aesthetics

The downside: Poor instructions make figuring it out difficult

This is the stroller you want if you want to use it solo for your first child and later as a double when a sibling enters the family. It offers more than 20 different seat arrangements for infants up to children who weigh 50 pounds. As is the case with many double strollers, this one also comes with a five-point harness with comfortable padded shoulder straps and an adjustable handlebar. The Cybex Gazelle is compatible with infant car seats from a several different brands.

To ensure the comfort of both children, each seat includes back and leg adjustments. A shock-absorbing technology makes the journey comfortable, and the stroller has detachable, machine-washable cloth. The UPF 50+ canopies of the stroller have a mesh window for vision and airflow. Two huge storage compartments, one of which is removable, allowing you to transport whatever you need.

  • Price at time of publishing: $900

  • Width: 25.4 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 27.7 pounds (with one seat)

  • Harness Type: 5-point

  • Max Weight: 50 pounds each


Best Sit & Stand Double Stroller

Chicco BravoFor2

Best Sit & Stand Double Stroller


Chicco BravoFor2 provides a comfy ride standing platform

Our favorite for: Standing comfort

The downside: Low weight limit at just 40 pounds

The Chico ReadyFor2 double stroller is our pick for the best sit and stand.

You'll find a 5-point harness in the front seat and a 3-point harness in the rear. The front folds forward to accommodate an infant car seat, offers an adjustable canopy, as well as a detachable snack tray.

The rear has a sit or stand platform, and while a child is standing, there's a comfy back rest and easy grip handles.

The stroller offers an innovative fold/carry handle for a one hand ultra-compact quick fold, and it's free standing when collapsed for easy storage.

  • Price at time of publishing: $350

  • Width: 23.3 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 26.6 pounds

  • Harness Type: 5-point front, 3-point rear

  • Max Weight: 40 pounds (each)


Best Jogger Double Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller

Best Jogger Double Stroller

Bob Gear Revolution Flex is a great stroller for runners

Our favorite for: Smooth rides on a run

The downside: Adaptors for major brands of car seats can be difficult to find

Thanks to the air-filled tires and suspension system on this double stroller, you can confidently take children up to 50 pounds or 44 inches tall on a run anywhere. It's compatible with an infant car seat, both seats have a UPF 50+ canopy with peek-a-boo windows, independent recline, compression padding for comfort, and a no-rethread harness.

The stroller has a nine-position adjustable handlebar for parents, along with a spacious storage basket with ten additional storage pockets, locking front wheel, a straightforward two-step fold, and tires that are simple to remove.

  • Price at time of publishing: $800

  • Width: 30.5 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 33.1 pounds

  • Harness Type: 5 point, no re-thread

  • Max Weight: 50 pounds (each)


Best Convertible Double Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow 2.0 Double Stroller

Best Convertible Double Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow 2.0 us our pick for best single to double stroller

Our favorite for: Compact fold

The downside: Shallow front seat may not be comfortable for all

This single to double stroller has great longevity because it can accommodate two infants, two toddlers, an infant, and a toddler, or an infant and a standing preschooler. Even in all of those configurations, this stroller folds down to the same size as a typical single stroller. It has a one-step self-standing fold as well (which is ideal, because, with two kids, your hands are probably pretty full).

Additionally, the stroller has a sizable storage basket underneath the seats, a parent cup holder that is detachable, and a child armrest with a cup holder on the front seat. Each seat features a cover that can be adjusted and two different reclining positions. Finally, there are two seats, a bench seat, and a standing platform included with this stroller.

  • Price at time of publishing: $260

  • Width: 25.6 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 26 pounds

  • Harness Type: Convertible 3-point or 5-point

  • Max Weight: Up to 50 pounds in the front seat, up to 40 pounds in the second seat

Best Wagon Stroller

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All Terrain Stroller Wagon

Best Wagon Stroller

Evenflo's Pivot is a fantastic choice for a wagon stroller

Our favorite for: Tall children

The downside: Heavy stroller plus uneven weight distribution can make it difficult to steer

If you love checking out events, a wagon stroller might be perfect for you. The Evenflo Pivot makes our list because it can be used as either a push stroller or a pull wagon and has an inline design to make moving through crowds easier. Each seat has a three-point adjustable harness, an integrated child tray with a cup holder for snacks, and separate moveable UPF 50+ canopies.

This stroller folds down quickly and stands on its own for easy storage when not in use. You'll also find a cup holder and a basket with ample storage space to keep your diaper bag and more when you're out and about.

  • Price at time of publishing: $320

  • Width: 27 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 34.7 pounds

  • Harness Type: 3-point

  • Max Weight: 120 pounds (total)

Best Side-By-Side Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Double Stroller


Side by Side for twins

Citi Mini Gt2 is a great all terrain double stroller pick

Our favorite for: The one hand fold

The downside: Can't attach two car seats, so not great for twins

If you're looking for a side-by-side, the Baby Jogger gives children a comfortable ride that is small enough to fit through doors and store aisles with ease (and is Disney approved).

To accommodate each child's particular demands, each seat on the Baby Jogger has an adjustable canopy, adjustable calf support, and an independent near-flat seat recline. It offers customization of both sides, accommodating a car seat or a pram with adaptors, as well as a glider board.

We love the huge storage basket that can hold up to 15 pounds, adjustable handlebars, Baby Jogger's signature one-step fold, and a hand brake. Plus, you can customize your stroller with accessories like a parent console and belly bar (each sold separately). An all around great side-by-side pick.

  • Price at time of publishing: $490

  • Width: 29.25 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 36.5 pounds

  • Harness Type: 5-point

  • Max Weight: 50 pounds (each)


Best Lightweight Double Stroller

Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Tandem Stroller

Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Tandem Stroller

Grab the ultra lightweight Joovy Caboose Too

Our favorite for: Easy lifting

The downside: Cramped rear seat and flimsy basket storage

The Joovy Caboose Too is one of the smallest and lightest tandem strollers available, weighing in at just 23.5 pounds. The four-wheel suspension and super-lightweight aluminum frame provide superior maneuverability while easily folding to fit in most car trunks.

The front accommodates one car seat with the included universal car seat adapters. Beginning at three months, you can use without the car seat and take advantage of the three recline positions until your child reaches the 50-pound maximum weight.

The second seat is fully removable, can hold children from 6-45 pounds, and offers multiple recline positions. You also have the option of a bench seat or platform for children at least 2.5 years old, and the rear seat canopy extension offers sun protection.

If we had one wish, it would be for an adjustable handlebar.

  • Price at time of publishing: $500

  • Width: 25.7 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 23.5 pounds

  • Harness Type: 5-point

  • Max Weight: 90 pounds (total)


Best Double Stroller for Three Kids

Bugaboo Donkey 5 Complete Twin Stroller

Best Double Stroller for Three Kids

Twins will be comfy and cozy in the Bugaboo Donkey 5

Our favorite for: Flexibility

The downside: The very hefty price tag

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 Twin is the ultimate side-by-side stroller for a growing family.

It has two bassinets with peek-a-boo windows, and the seats can be arranged to face you, face each other, or face front. Easy to maneuver, it can be pushed with one hand, freeing up the other to sip your coffee. At 29 inches wide, it fits through standard doorways, making shopping a breeze (as breezy as it can be with kids in tow).

If you're heading out with just one child, the Bugaboo Donkey converts to the mono - a single stroller with a large storage basket. And if you've got three, add on the wheeled board with sit or stand options for your older child.

Pick up the accessories set (sold separately) that includes cup holders, an organizer, and snack tray, plus a cozy newborn inlay for the littlest twins.

  • Price at time of publishing: $1990

  • Width: 29 inches

  • Stroller Weight: 32.8 pounds

  • Harness Type: 5-point

  • Max Weight: 48.5 pounds (each)



Comparing the Best Double Strollers

There are many amazing options for double strollers and here's a quick look at the ones that made our list.

Comparison of the best double strollers

Baby Trend Sit & Stand

baby trend sit & stand

Inline20"32.5 lbs$170

Dream on Me Volga

dream on me volgo

Side by Side29"26.5 lbs$160

Cybex Gazelle

cybex gazelle

Inline25.4"27.7 lbs$800

Graco Ready2Grow

graco ready2grow



26 lbs$260

Chico BravoFor2

chico bravofor2

Inline23.3"26.6 lbs$250

Bob Gear Revolution Flex

bob duallie

Side by Side30.5"33.1 lbs$800

Evenflo Pivot Xplore

evenflo pivot wagon stroller

Wagon27"34.7 lbs$320

City Mini GT2

citi mini double

Side by Side29.25"36.5 lbs$490

Joovy Caboose Too

Inline25.7"23.5 lbs$500

Bugaboo Donkey 5

bugaboo donkey 5


Side by Side29"

32.8 lbs



Have a favorite double stroller? Let us know in the comments.


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